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Business Philosophy

Let’s be clear about what a combined TransMedia/NewSpace company really is.  In a traditional cross platform media franchise, the main story is adapted to fit multiple platforms.  The tv show is awesome, so they make a movie followed by a video game.  This method requires the development of the story in a discontinuous manner.  In transmedia, the story is developed simultaneously across platforms, which allows for a richer story to be devoloped without all the issues that arise with converting stories from one platform to another. This is a concept that has not been widely adopted by industry.  Why?  That’s for another post, but here is a quick summary (the production companies in charge of developing franchises only understand fully one medium and have trouble branching out from their main money making scheme).  Stylish Astronaut has adopted the transmedia concept in the development of the One Billion Years Later/One Billion Years Ago franchise and will set a new standard in the industry when it launches.

Now,  the NewSpace industry has also been around a while.  As far back as 1999, there was a start-up called Blastoff!  that had a goal of sending rovers to the Moon for commercial purposes, but the company went under due to the shadowy way it operated.  Since then, there have been many companies to publicly and seriously propose the craziest ideas you will ever hear, from space hotels to asteroid mining to private colonies on Mars.  There have actually been some uber successful ones like SpaceX and Blue Origin, who have secured government contracts to shuttle cargo to the International Space Station for the price of billions.  Virgin Galactic will begin sending passengers to low Earth orbit any day now to the tune of $200,000 a pop.  Furthermore, it has been speculated by experts that the world’s first trillion dollar company will come from the commercial space industry, which has been renamed NewSpace by the cool kids. 

What does transmedia and NewSpace have to do with Stylish Astronaut?  Well, one of the platforms for our transmedia franchise will be space.  It’s crazy, but it will work and will help make the first trillion dollar company on Earth (or any other planet).


Commercial development of space, Beyond Earth Orbit through Transmedia



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First Test of SpaceX’s VTOL test vehicle!!


First Test of SpaceX’s VTOL test vehicle!!

The Karada comes to Wattpad


Wattpad brings you a guest post from Carrie Cutforth-Young, part of the creative team behind “The Karada”, an upcoming TV series.

All your Fates" is the prequel adventure to the upcoming TV series, available ONLY ON WATTPAD!


A new serialized novel is kicking off today on Wattpad. Check it out here!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had made different choices? What if you hadn’t ordered that egg salad sandwich all those years ago? Would your dream of becoming President of the United States been that much closer to reality?

All those things – the little choices you make – those things impact your fate in this life. And every decision you make creates another reality. That’s what consequences are: new splits in reality.


The Karada graphic novel.

THE KARADA: It’s the name of the multiverse where every decision you make creates two parallel realities. One for what was and one for what could have been. In one, you are happily married with two kids; in another, you are a washed out ex-rock singer. And it all came down to whether or not you took that first cigarette.

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About Stylish Astronaut, LLC

Stylish Astronaut LLC is a hybrid Transmedia and NewSpace company.  We are developing a transmedia franchise that contains real world space travel elements.

Transmedia defined (link opens in new window)

Transmedia is the telling of a story across multiple platforms.  The current standard is the Heroes franchise, where the story was told across television, comic books, and the internet. 

NewSpace defined (link opens in new window)

The NewSpace industry is the commercial development of space from low Earth Orbit to beyond.  The standard bearers are Virgin Galactic, who will begin sending paying customers to space any day now, and SpaceX, who are fast becoming NASA’s go to private space company for servicing the International Space Station.  The industry can be defined many different ways, but Stylish Astronaut would fall into the categories of ‘space entertainment’ and ‘space scalable’.


On Earth?  The Mayan, Incan, Aztec, and Egyptian pyramids.  I am fascinated with the skill and ingenuity with which they were built, as well as the mystery behind them.  On my planet, there is this volcano that is exposed to space and erupts frequently.  The ejected carbon quickly hardens into diamond and falls back to the surface.  I would like to collect them.  So, yeah, diamond volcanoes.